Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the heart of life

     Well, I'm sure you've all heard we are embarking on our biggest, most exciting expedition yet... Beau and I are going to have a baby!  We are so excited! Let me give you a little back story...  On October 20th, we found out I was pregnant.  That same day, I scheduled my 8 week appointment at the doctor.  This was to be the appointment that we were hopefully going to hear the heartbeat for the first time.  I quickly informed Beau that, besides our parents, we do not need to tell ANYONE until that appointment is complete and everything looks- and sounds- like it should.

     And so began the most difficult test my husband's patience has ever endured.  At least once a day for the next three(ish) weeks his favorite thing to say was, "So, can we tell people yet?"  We were counting down the days.  Those of you who know our family know that this is how it went:

Beau:  Can't keep surprises, so this was worse than Christmas, my birthday, and the desire to spoil a great movie ending all wrapped into one.
My Mom (Anne):  Also wanted to tell pretty badly but as an alternative, already started thinking of Grandmother names and bought me a diaper bag
Beau's Mom (Susanne):  Almost as bad as Beau when it came to wanting to tell.  Her quote was, "the second yall start telling people, you better let me know cause I wanna tell everyone too!"
My Brother (Joe):  Couldn't tell his best friend John, so instead he told the next best option- a dog.
My Dad, Beau's Dad, and Myself (all can be lumped into one on this):  While we were all VERY excited and glad to share the good news when the time was right, but we were able to keep the surprise.  There was no anguish in keeping a secret, simply the knowledge that we would share when the time was right.

     We all did, however, survive the wait.  On November 16th Beau and I went to the doctor and luckily they didn't make me wait long.  Almost as soon as the ultrasound showed up on the screen, we got to see all 1.52cm of our baby.  We got to see it's little heart fluttering and we got to hear all 176 beats per minute.  I also got to hear the nurse say, "That sounds like a good, strong heartbeat for 8 weeks."  That was probably the best thing she could've told me at that moment.

     The rest of the day was spent telling our family, friends, and co-workers the good news.  We told the same story and answered the same questions about 1000 times.

 "When's the due date?" - June 29
"How long have you known?"- About 3-4 weeks
"How are you feeling?"- Pretty great.  No real morning sickness.  As long as I don't let myself get hungry, I feel good.
"When do you find out if it's a boy or girl?" - Probably the end of January or beginning of February

     There were many more topics of discussion, but Beau and I enjoyed discussing this topic as much as everyone wanted to. :)  We also want to say to everyone, thank you all for your kind words and excitement and most importantly, prayers! We are blown away with how blessed we are to have so many people in our lives who love us so much!  And please know, that we love you too!  Let the countdown for baby Cooper begin! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in between days

To summarize...

Fall arrived and it came with some color.

Went to an Auburn game and I didn't hate it.  They beat Ole Miss 41-23.  They moved up from my 12th favorite team in the SEC to my 11th favorite team in the SEC.  Way to go wife, you pulled one over on me.  Plus the free tickets, free food and free place to stay didn't hurt either (we had free skybox tickets!)

Sarah and her mom started a photography business.  Maple Leaf Photography.  I designed the logo, pretty proud of that.  They've also got a facebook page, so check 'em out if you've got a spare minute.

Went to Arkansas for the Inaugural Oldtee event.  Still not 100% sure what that means, but it did involve good friends, camping, memories and a little bit of cold weather.  Plus the Park Ranger told us to quiet down.  That's the official sign of a good time, getting threatened to be shut down by Johnny Law.  We even successfully cooked biscuits over an open flame.  #goodtimes

Again with the ugly field.  Adam took us to a UCA game and the sunset actually made the field bearable for a few short seconds.  Had to snap this shot.  Franchione was coaching Texas State which made me consider shouting obscenities his way, but I refrained.

I bet I see you sooner than you expect....