Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year

It's almost Christmas! School is out, there's family, friends, all kinds of yummy food, and- in typical Alabama fashion- lots of rain instead of snow.  I have officially finished Christmas shopping, and I am more happy about that this year than I ever have been.  You see, I have found that I have less patience for crowds and traffic this year than I ever have.  I can only assume Baby Cooper does not like crowds either because we were both pretty irritated during our last couple days of shopping, and he/she was reminding me often of how tiring shopping can be.

Speaking of Baby Cooper, here's a quick update:  our 12 week appointment was on Dec 14.  Everything still looks great!  The heartbeat was 170 bpm; still strong and healthy.    I think I have determined that heartbeat is the best sound I've ever heard in my life.   My next appointment is three weeks from yesterday.  In the meantime, I think I am over the sickness I had between 10 and 12 weeks, and now can enjoy all this wonderful Christmas food! Beau has been teasing me because at every Christmas party we've been to this year, I've been first in the food line.  But, here's my theory:  people always hesitate to be first because they don't want to look like a pig, when in reality, everyone loves when someone starts the food line because then they can get in the line too!  Also, I've found that being pregnant not only makes me too hungry to wait on some brave soul to start the food line, it gives me an automatic reason to start the line.

I do believe Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Lots of family time, lots of laughter, lots of catching up. So far, my family has spent time sharing memories and playing Balderdash (best board game ever).  The guys talk about football, movies, and share random facts that nobody needs to know, but we all find them interesting anyway.

I love Christmas with Beau's parents too!  We have a tradition with them that we open presents, eat some good food, and go see a Christmas day movie.  Christmas with the Coopers also made me understand why Beau is so bad a keeping surprises.  He and his mother are so much alike :)  So far, Susanne Cooper has given me three of my smaller Christmas presents that she was planning to give me Christmas day, but couldn't wait.  You might think that I would get less presents on Christmas because of that, however, Beau has informed me that she will simply go and get more presents to replace those three on Christmas day.  It makes it sound like she's just forgetful, but I believe she is one of the most giving people I have ever known.

Most of all, with both mine and Beau's family, I love the fact that Christmas is focused on the sole reason for the holiday.  I love that we were both brought up in amazing families whose traditions revolve around the birth of Christ our Savior.  And I love that our baby will be able to share in those same traditions next Christmas.

I pray that my family and yours will have a blessed Christmas this year, and that we never forget why we celebrate.