Friday, March 23, 2012

another one in the dark

An arbitrary list of the top 5 Worst Cities I've ever visited. (Written at 1:33AM)

1. Cairo, IL
2. West Memphis, AR
3. Slidell, LA
4. Cody, WY
5. Green River, UT

But Slidell you say? It always seems so nice. Jim Cantore seems to love visiting every summer during Hurricane season.

Nope. It's the pits. Only took one picture in this crummy town, but it sums the whole place up nicely.

That was taken outside of our room at the La Quinta Inn. (No we didn't stay. No way I was letting my pregnant wife anywhere near asbestos.) We got our money back and looked for somewhere else. I guess the management isn't real keen about the long term health of its guests. No need for repeat customers in this town!

New Orleans tomorrow. And hopefully a well rested, non-grumpy pregnant wife.

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