Monday, March 26, 2012

galveston, oh galveston I still hear your sea waves crashin'

I figured the title for this post was appropriate, considering Beau and I went to visit Galveston, TX this morning.  Not only that, I drove Beau crazy singing the Glen Campbell song pretty much the whole time we were there.  I think the thing that probably made it worse though, was that I only actually knew one line.

Beau and I left for Galveston this morning after my "happy" breakfast of cuties and a banana. (picture to follow) We decided that Galveston had some pretty cool tourist attractions, and was actually very well prepared for the whole beach/vacation thing.  The only thing they were lacking was a beach.  You may ask, "But I thought Galveston was a beach city, how could they not have a beach?" Well, technically I guess it can be called a beach because there is a coastline and a little bit of sand, however, we have apparently been spoiled by our Alabama beaches because there was no comparison.  It made me remember that our state has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, so I guess it's not really fair to compare.  I do have to give Galveston credit for what looked like a pretty great water park called Schlitterbahn.  It's known for being one of the best water parks in the country.  Beau was also excited to see that the local elections had him running for Mayor of Galveston.  We would appreciate your support in this campaign.  

After Galveston, we came back to Houston and had lunch with Joe at a place called Ninfa's on Navigation.  Apparently, you have to eat at the one on Navigation or it's not even like eating at the same restaurant.  Even though it's a Mexican restaurant, it's known for having the best burger in the entire city.  It's called the Fiesta Burger, and instead of ground beef, they use fajita steak.  As for the best burger in Houston?  I've only eaten this one, but it would be hard to beat.  They do have plenty of authentic Mexican dishes as well.  I compare it to a local Rosie's Cantina like we have in Florence, except this place was good.  Sorry to those of you who like to eat at Rosie's.  I'm about to burst your bubble:  Rosie's is not good.  This place however, was very good!  We were also able to go by the church after lunch and meet all the people Joe works with.  

Tonight, we all went to see The Hunger Games.  It was great!  I think it may have even convinced Beau to read the books.  :)  Imagine that, the first books Beau will have read since High School!  Tomorrow, I think the plan may be to see the zoo and the aquarium.  We're just kind of playing it by ear.

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