Sunday, March 11, 2012

we're just praying that we're doin' this right

It's been a while since my last blog post, and honestly, I don't even know yet what I'll say in this one.  My brain seems a little foggy since waking up from my 2 hour nap.

I don't normally take naps, and some of you may think, "being pregnant will make you take more naps" or "just wait until you've had that'll want to take a nap."  True, true; and while I have found that pregnancy has made me more tired, I try not to take too many naps because I'm the type of person that feels unproductive when I nap, and that drives me crazy.  Yes, I know I'm strange.  So, I chalk this long Sunday afternoon nap up to a combination of baby and losing an hour with the time change.  (Yes, I do have to have a legit excuse for myself when I take a nap).

I'm 24 weeks and a few days pregnant now.  Little Robert Deegan Cooper (in case you haven't yet heard the name) is doing well and kicking fairly often.  It's not too much kicking; just enough that it's perfect for a little Mommy/Baby bonding time...and when Daddy's around we let him feel the kicking too. :)  Deegan's 24 week appointment went great.  There was not an ultrasound with this one, but we still got to hear the heartbeat.  It's still going strong at 154.  At our 20 week appointment we did have an ultrasound and we're still on track for a due date of June 29.  He was growing right on track.  It was so fun to be able to see him kicking too!

In other news (as if there really is any other news, since Deegan is all I ever think about all day), Beau and I are planning to go to Houston, TX for a few days over my spring break in a few weeks.   We finally get to visit Joe and see what his big city life is all about.  On the way, Beau and I plan to stop in New Orleans since I have never been there before.  I've never even been to Louisiana, so I will be knocking another state off my list! Take that Beau Cooper.

Beau has been busy working on a water system mapping project for his job.  He goes out to Double Springs, AL almost every day out of the week for this project, and he always has some interesting stories and facts about the little town and the surrounding Bankhead National Forest.

Beau and I have recently been working on a project.  My mom had this old, tarnished chandelier at her house that she replaced with a new light fixture.  So, I took the chandelier and spray painted it a Jade color.  After much hard work, my very smart husband was able to install it in our front hallway.  I have to say, I am pleased.  I think it adds a little character to that hallway.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I'll go enjoy the rest of my 4 day weekend (yes, I did say 4 day....I love when built in snow days aren't used at school).  If it doesn't rain tomorrow morning, I'll have tennis practice with my tennis team, and then....who knows?  That's what's so great about days off!

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