Sunday, March 25, 2012

sounds like hallelujah

Beau has been updating the blog for the past couple days, so I suppose I'll give him a break.  This morning we visited Joe's church:  Christ the King Presbyterian.  It was great to finally see where Joe works and plays.  And when I say play, I mean play.  It must be great to have a job where you spend half your time testing out fun games and ideas.  We enjoyed the service and being a part of the youth group for Sunday School.  It's great to see Joe do what he loves.

Here's a quick run-down of the events of today:

- After church, Beau, Joe, and I ate lunch and drove around Houston for a tour.  Joe said Sunday was a good day to do this because we'd be able to avoid the usual weekday traffic... but I still saw lots of cars
- We found out where Roger Clemens lives and drove by his house.  It was easily recognizable from the giant C on his front gate and the giant Texas Longhorns flag fluttering above his front door.
- After the tour, we caught up on some NCAA basketball we had recorded on the DVR.
- Later, we went back to the church for the evening youth activities.  We watched everyone play a game called "GaGa" which is actually Israeli Dodgeball.  Then, we listened to Joe's second lesson of the day, both of which were very good!  
- After church, we picked up some chicken wings from Wing Stop.  Mine were the garlic parmesan flavor so I could avoid the inevitable heartburn that would surely follow buffalo flavored wings.
- We then caught up on the rest of our basketball games.  All three of our brackets are basically worthless now,  Thanks Tarheels.  

I know this has not been very long or overly entertaining, but I am very sleepy and it's past mine and Baby Cooper's bedtime.  Tomorrow, we're headed to check out the beaches of Galveston, and possibly the Houston Zoo.

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